4th Annual YogaLove Yelapa Summer Camp for Adults
Yelapa, Mexico
May 19-23, 2018

Summer Camp for Adults is an opportunity to unplug and recharge your body, mind and soul.  We practice yoga, swim, hike, take excursions, make crafts and share delicious meals.  The location is Yelapa, Mexico, a small beach town, 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.   The average daily high temperature is 86 degrees.  Yelapa is known for their beautiful beach, waterfalls and jungle.  We will explore and enjoy all 3 during Summer Camp.  The adventure begins on Saturday, May 19th, with an exhilarating water taxi. 
Registering is easy and reserves your space in a beautiful casita.  Complete the Camper Form and return with $150 Registration fee, via PayPal or mail check.
Camp accommodations are first come, first served.  If you have a roommate preference, please register at the same time. Room assignments are made before camp.

Casita 1 - 2Campers    $972 pp
Casita 2 - 3 Campers    $872 pp
Casita 3 - 2 Campers    $972 pp
Casita 5 - 2 Campers    $972 pp

All payments due by March 15, 2018.

Please pay via check or PayPal (TreinaAlexander@gmail.com).  Use Friends/Family for PayPal to avoid fees.

Payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Camp Fees Cover:
-Yelapa Casita (Gratuity Included)
-Meals - Breakfast, Lite Lunch (Saturday and Sunday) Dinner
-5 Yoga/Meditation Classes (Yoga for ALL Levels)
-Roundtrip Water Taxi
-1 Sixty Minute Massage
-2 Excursions
-2 Craft Projects

*Not Included*
-Hotel in Puerto Vallarta -  Hotel Posada de Roger is centrally located to Malecon and Los Muertos Beach
-Meals in Puerto Vallarta
-Gratuity (Massage, Bag Service, Meal Service)

Pesos and Exchange Rate
Please budget at least $50 per day.  You can exchange USD for MXN pesos at your local bank.  I monitor the exchange rate a couple of months before camp.  Bring pesos to Yelapa, as there are no ATM's or banks.   I suggest 20, 50 or 100 peso note.   Debit and credit cards are not accepted for payment, in Yelapa

Yelapa has a sarong shop on the beach and a small store in the pueblo.  There are a couple of beach vendors, who sell jewelry.  There will be a Market Night on Tuesday.

Breakfast, lite lunch and dinner are included.  All food allergies will be taken into consideration, please indicate them on your registration form.  Most meals are vegan and gluten free, as we practice Ahimsa, non harm of animals.

Telephone and WiFi
WiFi is not guaranteed.  If you need to communicate with friends and family, please arrange International coverage with your cell phone carrier. 

What to Pack
SPF for face and body
Yoga clothes
Swim suit
Beach towel
Lightweight clothes - shorts, sundress, tank top
Flip flops - 1 pair for room slippers and 1 pair for beach
Tevas/Keen - please bring COMFORTABLE walking shoes
Journal,  pen, pencil
Insect Repellent
Baby wipes to cleanse feet and freshen skin -  Please dispose in trashcan
Hand sanitizer
Bandana or Hankie - We will sweat!
Flashlight - Use phone app. If you bring physical flashlight, bring extra batteries
Lightweight backpack and/or beach tote

Summer Camp Itinerary

Arrive in Puerto Vallarta by Friday evening.  We will leave for Yelapa on Saturday. 
-Arrive in Puerto Vallarta a day or two early to explore.  This is a great way to prepare for Summer Camp, get acclimated to the peso, weather and culture. 
-Reserve a room at Hotel Posada de Roger, near Los Muertos Beach, Malecon and shopping.    They offer air conditioning, telephone, ceiling fan, WiFi, swimming pool and a community kitchen . 


Day 1 - Saturday

10am        Meet at Los Muertos Pier
11             Water taxi from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa
12pm        Arrive in Yelapa
                 Unpack and freshen up
1:30          Lunch
3               Siesta, enjoy sun on the beach
6               Meditation and Intention Setting
7               Dinner 

Day 2 - Sunday

7:30am       Morning Yoga
9                 Breakfast
11               Massage, explore Yelapa, enjoy beach, lite lunch
6pm            Evening Yoga    
7:30            Dinner
Day 3 - Monday

7:30am       Morning Yoga
9                 Breakfast
11               Excursion
6pm            Evening Yoga    
7:30            Dinner

Day 4 - Tuesday

8am              Breakfast
9:30              Water Taxi
11                 Excursion
2pm              Lunch  
4                   Return to Yelapa
5:30              Meditation
6                   Taco Tuesday
7                   Market Night

Day 5 - Wednesday

7:30am         Yoga
9                   Breakfast
12                 Water Taxi to Puerto Vallarta

If your return flight is Wednesday, please make sure it is after 2pm.

*Not Included*
Hotel, Meals and Gratuity in Puerto Vallarta
Lunch (Monday and Tuesday)
Hotel and Dining Gratuity in Yelapa

Please send an email to YogaLoveOakland@gmail.com with your questions.  The itinerary is not final and can change. 


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Please share your intention for Summer Camp.