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A Self Care Experience: How to Make Handcrafted Herbal Tea Blends

A Self-Care Experience: Learn How to Make Handcrafted Herbal Tea Blends

Led by:Claudia Noble-Levingston, M.P.A., Owner of Cultivating Gardens

Class Cost: $40

Material Cost: $15

Please join us for an afternoon of handcrafted herbal tea making.   In this hands-on workshop, we will learn how to make handcrafted herbal tea blends that heal your body, calm the mind, and transform your life.  The simple act of relaxing with a cup of your favorite herbal tea is one form of self-care that can be therapeutic.  Just imagine sitting in your favorite spot, reflecting, and grateful for life's blessings.  As you lift your cup to take a sip, the aroma of floral and citrus notes delight your senses and take you away...  Sipping a freshly steeped cup of herbal tea is an easy way to get nature's healing force into your body. 

We will discuss how to make your own customized tea blend, the medicinal and culinary benefits, how to select herbs that reduce stress, increase vitality, improve overall sense of wellness, inner peace, and tranquility.

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Claudia Noble-Levingston, M.P.A., Owner of Cultivating Gardens, E.A.T. Certified Permaculture Designer, Urban Garden Coach/Educator, Master Composter. Since 2013, she pursued her passion of coaching, and inspiring individuals to grow their own food and medicine. She offers small space urban edible gardening workshops, and coaching throughout the SF/Bay Area.
Claudia embraces the spirit of “My Mother’s Garden’, eating with the seasons, fresh home cooked meals from scratch, remembering the past, and sharing the gift of gardening with the next generation. Growing your own food cultivates a connection to the soil, nature, promotes healing, and preserves our cultural and food heritage.
From a young age, she has always enjoyed getting her hands in the soil, making mud pies, planting seeds, growing, harvesting, drying and canning fresh fruits and vegetables right beside her mother. Raised in Oakland, CA during a time when homegrown fruits and vegetables from the backyard garden was the norm.

Take home your customized tea blend along with recipes to try at home in your own sacred space.  Get set to relax & enjoy!