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Womb Yoga Instructor Certification Jan 19th-21st

Womb Yoga Instructor Certification

Friday January 19th, 7-9pm

Saturday, January 20th, 8:30am-5pm

Sunday, January 21st, 8:30am-5pm and Certificate Ceremony starts at 7pm


MaYoni ‘aT Yoga Training Wombuel

MaYoni ‘aT Yoga is the practice of honoring the sacred seat of creation, our womb space, through owning the Goddess. In this practice we are utilizing healing, energizing and balancing postures from the pyramids, tombs and ancient writings of Kemet (Ancient Egypt). We use sacred word vibrations, affirmations and sacred meditation in addition to breath coordination with movements.

We focus on the feminine energies from our ancient ancestors who were cosmic forces and Goddesses. These Goddesses presented as mothers, nurturers, warriors, animals, elements and spirits. We call forth Maat, the divine mother and dedicate our practice to the Goddess Power that lives in us through herstorical channels, rooted in our cellular DNA.

Goddess as a Tool for Liberation is important because the Mitochondria DNA-cellular Structure is our connection to our very 1st Mother and was and is passed on from mother to daughter throughout generations without recombination. This is critical to understanding where our power lies and how we can assess her power.

Goddess as a Tool for Liberation matters because we are retelling our story through our own lenses and not those of an oppressor.
 After 500 years plus of rape, societal disrespect, devaluation, patriarchy, sexism and racism, we must stand up and reclaim the legacies of the pantheon of Mama Watas, warrior queens and Goddesses that is our birthright. Linking our future to the documented paths of greatness, written on the walls of Pyramids, in Goddess Temples and our DNA gives us these tools for liberation and MaYoni ‘aT Yoga is one.

We will, through this practice:

  1. Open to an ancient knowing and trusting of ourselves as Goddess

  2. Awaken the mitochondria DNA cellular Chain

  3. Unlock the chain with the key to our legacy  

This is a Goddess Journey to opening the Temple door.

We have a gift, a blueprint from our mothers into the wombniverse. We will honor the womb that gave us life and save ourselves as MamaWatas have done through the ages. We save ourselves and we give life to the world.

So be it.


Maati Sanovia, RYT 500

Creator of MaYoni ‘aT Womb Yoga Sequencing

Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner

20 years Women Retreat Experience

30 years Registered Nurse Experience (Labor and Delivery)

Certified Kemetic Yoga and Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Certified Shakti Yoga Instructor (emphasis on Women’s Leadership}

Certified Kemetic RaSekhi Practitioner

Performing Poet and Writer

Mama Sanovia, as she is referred to by many, has been doing women’s work for most of her adult life.

Womb Yoga was developed through her participation with the Yoni Steam Institute whose motto is “healing a million, one womb at a time”. Her journey with the Institute has enhanced her understanding of Womb Health and how intricately connected the womb is to a practice of yoga that holistically addresses womb issues…

Her womb has birth 6 and she is thankful for the 7 grands she has been blessed with through her womb-crew.

Maati Sanovia is available for Retreats, Workshops and Certifications.