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Women of Color Medicine Series

Join Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest ("Connect with Your Spirits Guides" teacher from Women of Color Herbal and Healing Retreat) for a series of monthly workshops that explore topics helpful to women of color healers, aspiring healers, rootworkers, teachers, practitioners, and community leaders, including: medicine and wisdom traditions, techniques for energy clearings/Limpias, conscious psychic development, ancestral honoring, soul progression work, group past lives, akashic records review, spirit guide connections, interdimensional journeys, protection rituals, rootwork, etc. 

This is a monthly workshop series set up to celebrate women of color medicine ways. It is led by Dr. Vest, a healer and teacher of mixed heritage who draws upon Hoodoo, Native American, Latina, Caribbean, and Spiritualist traditions to create ceremonial space where persons of color can come together to celebrate women's ways of creating and using medicine ways. Each month we will explore a different topic. Workshops will include a short learning/discussion on a topic, trance work, and sharing/feedback on the experience. 

This month we will be discussing ways to employ your intuition in your life in strategic ways to help yourself and others.

Strategic Psychic: Develop Your Gifts to Take on the World!
Come to this workshop to learn how about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance and how they can be employed in useful and strategic ways in our lives. You will learn about some important tools and then I will guide you on a healing journey to receive input from your Higher Self on your gifts.

November 2nd Connect To Your Higher Self/Soulwork
November 30th: Strategic Psychic Development
December: TBD

This month's workshop is open to all genders. Some of the workshops are limited to women, others are open to all genders (Check the description each month for details)

Some blankets, bolsters and yoga mats provided.

Gifts of tobacco, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, Sage, Copal, Frankincence and Myrhh, or other traditional ceremonial tools always welcome! ��

Workshops are held in Oakland (first Friday) AND San Francisco(following Monday). �For more information, text Jennifer Lisa @ 310-431-1273/

Tuition: $30
2 teaching assistant work exchanges available for Oakland workshop to women in need